Super Angel 5500 Juicer – Everything You Need to Know
9.4out of 10

The good: The Super Angel 5500 produces more juice than almost every other juicer on the market. The juicer’s stainless steel gears quietly grind produce into high quality juice that contains very little foam and virtually no pulp. The 5500’s stainless steel construction makes it incredibly durable and extremely easy to clean (it’s also covered by a 10 year warranty). The juicer does an excellent job with different types of produce, but it is the absolute best for leafy greans (e.g., wheatgrass, kale, spinach, etc.).

The bad: The Super Angel 5500 has a small 1.7″ circular feed chute, which means you might need to chop your produce into smaller pieces before running it through the juicer. The juicer is also somewhat expensive. If you don’t intend to juice regularly, less efficient juicers are also less expensive.

The bottom line: The Super Angel 5500 is widely regarded as the best juicer ever made. It has one of the highest juice yields in the industry, and you won’t find a better juicer for leafy greens. The 5500 is also incredibly durable, quiet, and easy to clean.

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The Super Angel 5500 is a triturating (twin gear) juicer that extracts juice in two stages. During the first stage, the juicer’s stainless steel gears slowly grind produce into juice. Then, the juice is filtered through a screen as the produce’s pulp is ejected through a tube at the end. This process generates extremely high quality juice and very dry pulp.

The 5500’s gears only rotate at 86 RPM, making the juicer much quieter than centrifugal juicers (they operate between 1,000 and 15,000 RPM). The slow turning gears also minimize oxidation (i.e., the juice is exposed to less oxygen), which results in much less foam. As a result, the 5500’s juice retains the maximum amount of enzymes and nutrients from its produce, and it can be stored longer than the juice created by other juicers.

The juicer is extremely quiet, and it produces some of the highest quality juice you’ll ever find.

Despite their slow rotation speed, the Super Angel 5500’s gears generate 3 HP grinding force, which allows them to extract the maximum amount of juice from produce. In fact, the 5500 has one of the absolute highest juice yields on the market, and as a result, you’ll save money on produce every time you use it. Depending on how often you use this juicer, it can easily pay for itself with these produce savings.

The 5500 is extremely efficient, and it’s also incredibly durable. It’s one of the few juicers on the market that is composed entirely of stainless steel components. Unlike many other masticating juicers, which use plastic augers, the 5500’s gears are made of high quality SUS-304 stainless steel. This juicer is built to last, but if anything happens, it is covered by a 10 year warranty. The juicer’s stainless steel construction also makes it very easy to clean. You can disassemble it, clean it thoroughly, and reassemble it in under 5 minutes.

Super Angel 5500 Parts

One issue with the 5500 is its small 1.7″ circular feed chute. This isn’t a significant problem, but you will need to cut some of your produce into smaller pieces to ensure it fits in the chute. Few owners are bothered by the smaller chute, but if you don’t have time to cut your fruits and vegetables, you should consider a juicer with a larger feed chute.

The Super Angel 5500 is able to extract juice from various types of produce, but it is the world’s best at juicing leafy greens (e.g., wheatgrass, kale, parsley, etc.). If you intend to juice this type of produce on a regular basis, it’s impossible to beat this juicer.

Some owners have reported a little difficulty juicing softer produce (e.g., blueberries, melons, tomatoes, etc.) with this juicer. You can purchase a special soft fruit attachment to juice this produce more effectively, and you can also alternate hard and soft produce for better results. However, if you only want to juice these types of soft produce, we recommend selecting a centrifugal juicer instead.

A few users have also observed that the 5500 requires a bit of force to juice harder produce. This shouldn’t be an issue for most people, but if you have joint pain due to arthritis (or a related ailment), you might consider another juicer.

Ratings & Reviews

The Super Angel 5500 is praised by reviewers and owners as one of the best juicers ever made. The following table summarizes the juicer’s ratings from various online sources (as calculated by real 5500 owners):

Source Rating
4.74.7 / 5.0
Amazon 4.64.6 / 5.0
Overstock 5.05.0 / 5.0
Wheatgrass Home 4.94.9 / 5.0

Based on the Super Angel 5500’s overwhelmingly positive reviews, owners love this juicer. Specifically, they rave about the 5500’s incredibly high juice yield and the high quality juice it produces. Owners are also very impressed with the juicer’s durability, quiet operation, and quick clean-up times.

It’s very difficult to find a negative review for the 5500, but a few owners have commented on its small feed chute and slower juicing speeds with softer produce. Also, if you have joint pain, it’s important to note that the 5500 might require a little extra force when juicing harder produce. Now, let’s address each of these positive and negative points in more details.

The Super Angel 5500 is considered one of the most efficient juicers on the market. In fact, owners have reported that the juicer produces 20-50% more juice than its competitors (i.e., it has an extremely high juice yield, and it produces very dry pulp).

Super Angel 5500 Juice

One reviewer commented that the juicer “squeezes every last drop out of anything you want to juice.” He went on to say, “The Angel is a pleasure to use, easy to clean and creates delicious drinks with 2-3 times more juice (and nutrients) than any juicer I have owned.” Another owner reiterated this point by saying, “Using 1kg (35 ounce) of ingredients the Angel Juicer returns 894gms (31 ounce) of juice, making it almost 90% efficient at extracting liquid from the mentioned ingredients.”

The 5500’s efficiency is really showcased when it comes to juicing leafy greens (e.g., wheatgrass, cabbage, kale, etc.). Most reviewers agree that it is the absolute best juicer for this type of produce. One owner emphasized this point by saying, “Where the Angel really sets itself apart is the juicing of greens like Kale, Cabbage, Lettuce and stringy stuff like celery… amazingly efficient and amazing juice quality.” Another owner had very similar comments: “I think this provides the best quality green juice of any juicer I have used.”

The Super Angel 5500 is the absolute best juicer for leafy greens, but it has received mixed reviews for softer produce. One owner had a negative experience with this type of produce: “I don’t like the way it handles citrus juices and very watery stuff like trying to juice melons or pineapple. The juice from stuff like that tends to take a long time to go through the machine and can back up into the chute.” Other owners have had much more positive experiences: “The Angel excels at leafy greens, but [it] is also very impressive with fruits.”

If you plan to juice a lot of softer produce, owners offer two very helpful suggestions. First, you can purchase a soft fruit attachment for the juicer, which has larger holes that allow soft fruits (e.g., berries, melons, kiwi, etc.) to pass through without clogging up the filter. Second, you can alternate hard and soft produce to speed up the juicing process. If softer produce gets stuck in the juicer, the harder produce will push it out of the way and eliminate the problem.

“This provides the best quality green juice of any juicer I have used.”

Triturating (twin gear) juicers are slower than centrifugal juicers, but many owners have commented that the speed difference isn’t very noticeable. Specifically, one reviewer described the Super Angel 5500’s speed by saying, “Juicing 32oz of fruits and veggies takes approx. 10 minutes (5 minute to clean and cut, another 5 to plunge through the machine).”

Ultimately, the juicer’s slower speed (its gears only turn at 86 RPM) provides significantly more advantages than disadvantages. First and foremost, the slower gears allow the juicer to produce higher quality juice because they minimize oxidation, which reduces the juice’s foam. As one owner explains, “There is very little foam produced, perhaps around 2-5% of total juice content.” By minimizing oxidation, the 5500 creates juice that maintains more of its enzymes and nutrients (and can be stored for longer periods of time). The juice is also virtually pulp-free.

Another benefit of the Super Angel 5500’s slower gears is that they make the juicer incredibly quiet. Unlike some centrifugal juicers, which can be as loud as blenders chopping up ice, the 5500 hums quietly. One owner described the volume by saying, “When switched on the Angel is remarkably quiet, with most of the noise coming from the internal cooling fan. During use, the Angel is a little noisier than a loud fridge, but much, much quieter than a centrifugal juicer, ie. you can still hold a conversation or listen to music.”

“The Angel is remarkably quiet… much, much quieter than a centrifugal juicer.”

Owners are also very pleased with the 5500’s high quality construction and durability. Most juicers rely on plastic parts, which are relatively fragile, but the 5500 is composed entirely of stainless steel components. As a result, this juicer is built to last for the long haul. Here’s how one owner described its durability: “I abuse my juicers like one would if they owned a juice bar and the Angel is built like a tank and has held up the best of all juicers I have used so far.” Another reviewer had very similar comments: “We have used the Angel Juicer for over 6 months now and it still performs just like the first day and that first perfect juice.”

The Super Angel 5500 is incredibly durable, but if something does happen to it, the juicer is covered by a 10 year warranty. This isn’t the best warranty in the industry (some Omega juicers have 15 year warranties), but it’s better than most competitors. Also, keep in mind that most owners never have to use their warranties (because the juicer is so well built). As one owner explained, “Over the years I have used the juicer 3 times/week avg. I must say the juicer is incredibly resilient. I have not had to order any of the juicer’s replacement parts. The original parts are still going strong.”

Super Angel 5500 Gears

The juicer’s stainless steel construction makes it very durable, but it also makes the juicer extremely easy to clean. One owner described the cleaning process as follows: “I use this juicer almost every day and it takes me about 5 minutes to take apart the machine and clean it under running water.”

Another owner described the process in almost the exact same way: “It took me less than 5 minutes [to clean] using the supplied bottle brush. That included removing every speck of leftover pulp and a complete wipe down until dry.” The concensus is that it takes less than 5 minutes to clean the 5500.

One small issue with the Super Angel 5500 is its small 1.7″ circular feed chute. This isn’t the smallest feed chute on the market, but it will require you to cut some of your produce into smaller pieces before feeding it through the juicer. Also, it’s important to note that you might need to apply more force when juicing harder produce.

As one owner explains, “For some users it is an effort to feed some types of vegetables (usually harder root type vegetables) through the feeding shoot… It may require a little downward effort to feed those types of vegetables into the blades – for the majority of people this will not be an issue, but if you are really weak or have joint pain due to arthritis or other joint/strength disabilities you may want to look at a different juicer.”

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This video shows how quickly you can assemble the Super Angel 5500. It also provides a nice demonstration of the juicer in action with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables:


In this video, you can see how dry the pulp is when it comes out of the 5500. The video also compares the juicer to its competitors and showcases the quick clean-up process:


This video shows the 5500 juicing leafy greens:


In this video, an owner provides an excellent demonstration of the juicer using carrots, celery, lettuce, and pomegranates:



The following table defines the Super Angel 5500’s most important characteristics:

Manufacturer Super Angel
Name Super Angel 5500
Juicer Type Triturating (Twin Gear) Juicer
Ease of Cleanup Easy
Juice Yield Best
Juice Quality Best
Continuous Juicing YES
Automatic Pulp Ejection YES
Juices Wheatgrass YES
Feed Chute 1.7″ Circle
Multi-purpose YES
Speed (RPM) 86
Horsepower 1/4 (3 equivalent w/ gear reduction)
Wattage 180
Usage UL approved
Warranty 10 Years
Color Stainless Steel
Weight 20.8 lbs
Dimensions 19.5″ long x 7.8″ wide x 10.5″ tall
Construction Stainless Steal Housing; SUS-304 Stainless Steel Gears; Stainless Steel Screen
Model Number AJ5500
Owner’s Manual Super Angel 5500 Manual

For even more information, please consult Amazon’s official description page for the Super Angel 5500.


The following table summarizes the various pros and cons associated with the Super Angel 5500:


  • Highest juice yield
  • Highest quality juice
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean (it takes less than 5 minutes)
  • Durability (all stainless steel components)
  • 10 year warranty
  • Excels at juicing leafy greens (e.g., wheatgrass, kale, cabbage, etc.)


  • Small 1.7″ circular feed chute
  • Slower than centrifugal juicers
  • Mixed reviews for juicing softer produce (e.g., berries, melons, tomatoes, etc.)

The Super Angel 5500 is one of the best juicers ever made. Its twin gears rotate very slowly, which minimizes oxidation and produces the highest quality juice on the market. The slow turning gears also make the juicer extremely quiet.

The 5500 is one of the only juicers made entirely from stainless steel parts. This high quality construction makes the 5500 very durable, and it also makes the juicer incredibly efficient. Its juice yield is consistently 20-50% higher than alternative juicers.

The juicer can extract juice from a wide variety of produce, but it is the world’s best when it comes to leafy greens (e.g., wheatgrass, kale, spinach, etc.). It struggles slightly with softer produce; however, you can purchase a soft fruit attachment if you experience problems.

The Super Angel 5500 has a small 1.7″ circular feed chute, which might require you to chop some produce into smaller pieces. However, the juicer’s cleanup time is so quick that you won’t notice the additional preparation time.

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  1. leo on February 29, 2016

    Would this juicer be good to open up a small juice bar?

    • Steve Webb Author on February 29, 2016

      Hi Leo! This would be an excellent juicer for a small juice bar, as long as your customers are willing to wait a little longer for higher-quality juice.

      Other juicers (e.g., Breville 800JEXL) are faster, but they produce less juice (and the juice will be more oxidized).

      If you’re considering the Super Angel 5500, you should also look at these updated models:

      Super Angel Plus — this is the base model for the newest Super Angel juicer line.

      Super Angel Pro — this has all the features of the Plus, and it also includes an automatic reverse function to avoid jamming.

      Super Angel Deluxe — this has all the features of the Pro, and it also comes with a soft fruit attachment (it’s also the most popular model).

      Super Angel Premium Deluxe — this has all the features of the Pro, and its extraction gears and screen housing are made of SUS-316 surgical grade stainless steel (the other parts are made of SUS-304 high quality food grade stainless steel).

      I hope that helps, and good luck with your juice bar!